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The oil of CBD is widespread so much in many states that there are even commercials of CBD oil as an effective booster to your morning coffee or as an effective addition to your after-gym dietary supplement or water. But in most cases, the study of CBD oil is done for its medical application – and in this article, we are going to observe various medical sides of applying this chemical substance and will tell you more about its origin and legality, to withdraw the number of questions that you may have.


What is CBD oil and how cannabidiol is different from marijuana: the study

Marijuana is a plant, which people mostly know for its ‘effect of stoning’. People get ‘high’ or ‘stoned’ by smoking marijuana in recreational goals – and get this effect on the human body because of the action of Tetrahydrocannabinol (which is also named delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol, most commonly known as THC), according to the study.

What is CBD? CBD, or Cannabidiol, is another chemical compound, according to the study, which also refers to the class of cannabis-related chemical compounds, the same as THC, but with the major difference – it does not make you high. Besides, it will not give you giggling, severe couch or paranoia, as it may be the case with THC. However, CBD oil effects on the body of a human being are strong as the study says – and these are mostly medical ones, in addition to a pleasant feeling of ‘melting into a lawn chair’, as some users of CBD claim to have as they smoke it or use otherwise in recreational purposes. 

So the biggest chemical difference between THC and CBD is that they work differently on the body, as the study says. THC makes you high, while CBD does not. Also, you should know that there are about 60-100 other chemical components containing in a joint of marijuana, along with the two just mentioned, which give an additional effect on a human body, according to the study. They are completely absent in CBD as well as in CBD oil and that is why this substance is getting approved in bigger number of countries all over the world, as well as in the number of US states (over 50% of the states have approved the medical use of CBD oil and 16 countries worldwide have done the same, with a number of ones coming up, as the study says. Also, 9 states and Washington D.C. already have legalized the recreational use of marijuana).

There is a number of plants of marijuana biological species and CBD oil is derived from hemp, a type of a plant of the species, not from marijuana itself. According to the regulations of FDA in the US, based on the study, the quantity of THC in the drug, medication or another substance that is received from plants and destined to be used by people shall not be more than 0.3% of the volume. Along with that, there are no clear regulations about CBD containment in the taken substances and this is often must be dealt with your doctor, who prescribes you CBD-containing remedies. 


What are the study pieces of evidence for cannabidiol health benefits?

Up to 2020, there have been numerous pieces of the study released concerning the usefulness of CBD as a substance for the health of a human being.

We will include a few Internet addresses so you can familiarize yourself with those, on different matters (pain-relieving, depression and anxiety, cancer-related symptoms, acne, neuroprotection, heart health, antipsychotic, anti-tumor, prevention of diabetes, treatment of substance abuse, menstrual cramps, post-traumatic stress disorder, inflammations of varying kinds, and a lot of other issues):

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  1. On other domains:




Despite the fact that we have just given you 15 sources, the full list of the study of CBD oil and other cannabidiol-related chemical substances is larger in tens of times. We will not list them all here, believing that you can find this information on your own by Googling. 

There are various studies of CBD oil and the biggest part of them is strong from a scientific point of view. The biggest medical effect on the body the study of CBD oil shows for Lennox-Gastaut syndrome & Dravet syndrome – these two refer to severe childhood epilepsy. The study of CBD oil shows that seizures stop or significantly reduce in number. 

Various anxiety and insomnia states are also effectively treated with high strength by CBD oil.


The study of the usage of CBD oil

The answer to the question of how to use CBD oil is given in the number of ways:

  • mixing with foods or drinks as dietary supplements of CBD oil in the form of powders, tablets or liquids

  • taken with a dropper or by a pipette

  • capsules

  • thick paste that must be rubbed into the skin

  • sprays

  • tinctures (as a rule, alcohol-based) of cannabis extract

  • meds that are put under the tongue (sachets, tablets, and sprays).

The study of CBD oil for recreational use shows that it is also possible to smoke it – mixing water with oil like in hookah – but this type of application is going to have a non-regulated effect compared to medications having strict dosages. 

Despite the fact that now you know a number of ways of application of CBD oil, however, you should always stick to the way of admission, which is prescribed by your doctor specifically for you. Also, for you, a doctor may do the prescription of several types of admissions at a time – to enhance an effect. For instance, it may be capsules in combination with rubbing a grease of CBD oil on the place which you want to treat (it is an often case with arthritis and rheumatisms).

The dosage and number of times that you will apply the medication, its type and manufacturer, as well as its form, will solely depend on the ailment or a state that you are having, your age, gender, weight, the history of previous acceptance of medications based on CBD oil (and the known reaction of your body on such), and the severity of the experienced paid.  


The study of the action of CBD oil

The study of CBD oil shows that unlike THC, which affects type of 1 of neuroreceptors in the body (located in the brain and affected directly), CBD affects the type 2 of receptors, working indirectly – thus, not being absorbed by the body but provoking a number of consequential chemical reactions in the glands and cells to produce cannabidiol by the body itself (obviously, by copying the chemical structure of the substance that receptors touch). Thus, the received ‘product’ is completely natural and safe for the human body.

Because the study of CBD oil shows that CBD oil does not cause addiction, it is more and more considered safe to use in medical purposes all over the world. However, you should know that there are adverse CBD oil side effects, which we are going to discuss in the following chapter below.


The study of the safety of cannabidiol

  1. High level of sedation and intoxication – but only if used in large doses (that’s why you should always stick to prescribed doses by a doctor).

  2. Tiredness.

  3. Diarrhea.

  4. Appetite increase or decrease.

  5. Fatigue – but in most cases, as the study shows, it only concerns a few days right after the start of usage of it – especially if you have never used CBD hemp oil before.

  6. Sleepiness or insomnia – are manifested in rarer cases that the mentioned above but also possible, as well as other sleep disturbances.

  7. Interactions with other drugs (there is a list of them containing at least 3 dozen names). It can increase or decrease the action of them, sometimes significantly, in the similar way as grapefruit juice does to many existing drugs (which is not recommended to take alongside with taking CBD oil as well).

  8. Irritability (rare).

You always have to stick to the prescribed doses and do not buy meds, which are not destined for your territory or country – as different countries may have different regulations concerning the content of THC or CBD oil inside of them (this may be the case if you, for instance, buy a med with CBD oil on your vacation in a different country or buy one on the Internet with the delivery from abroad).


The study of legality of cannabidiol in the US

Is CBD oil legal? This issue is one of the important issues concerning the study of CBD oil. Not only in the US but also in a number of countries globally, the studies of CBD oil are held from medical, socioeconomic, and legal points of view. Currently, there are a number of acts of the US government and national bodies like FDA, proclaiming the separation of notions of THC and CBD. 

The first one, as a rule, shall not be contained over than 0.3% in any remedy that is taken by the human inside of the body. The study of CBD oil shows that CBD is mostly a non-regulated chemical compound, which containment is regulated neither by the FDA nor by the US government or over-the-national bodies like UN. 

CBD is adopted to be eligible for medical use in 16 states. 9 states + Washington D.C. made THC-containing substances eligible for recreational use. However, there are a number of limitations for recreational use – like, for instance, the amount of ‘weed’, which may be with 1 person at a time, while there are (almost) no such issues in the case with CBD oil.

FDA considers that anything that contains not pure CBD oil shall be regulated by one of the old acts (enacted in 2014) while pure CBD oil falls under the regulation of another act, newer, adopted in 2018. Also, the position of government listed in an open-source is tangled and depends on whether the CBD oil derives from marihuana or hemp and how much it contains the fibers of one and two. 

If you want to take CBD oil completely legally, then the studies show that you should follow these rules:

  • you must find out if this substance is legal to use in your state

  • you should visit a doctor to receive a prescription for CBD oil

  • you should buy a drug containing CBD oil according to the prescription in one of the places, which are named to you by your doctor or from valid regulated sellers if you can find the list online or in a brochure received at your doctor’s

  • do not overtake the prescribed doses and always listen to your body – in adverse reactions, seek medical assistance.


The study of specific uses of Cbd:

Study of CBD oil for depression

The studies show that depression is the sixth most common reason for the ailments of people of the world. CBD oil is an effective replacement for pharmaceutical drugs, which can be addictive or having multiple severe adverse effects. CBD oil increases the level of serotonin in the brain and the study shows ‘significantly less’ level of depression and anxiety in patients taking CBD oil compared to ones who did not.


Study of CBD oil for arthritis

CBD oil gives a much better improvement in the level of pain people experience due to arthritis, along with fewer muscle spasms, and better walking ability. 


Study of CBD oil for migraines

40% of the studied in one of the pieces of research say that CBD oil helps them get rid of migraines at all or to significantly reduce their level. Along with that, the group of the tested had insignificant side effects of CBD oil, which mostly manifested in drowsiness. 


Study of CBD medical oil for back pain

Back pain, along with many other types of pains in the body, is treated well by CBD oil. It directly connects with a human endocannabinoid system, which is responsible for the functioning of appetite, sleep, immune, and pain systems of the body. The reduction of pain is done by means of connecting CBD with your neurotransmitters and its level of impact can be characterized as ‘significant’ – including pains from inflammation and the work of nerves.


Study of CBD oil for cancer

Cancer-related pain and other symptoms are treated with CBD oil (in addition to pain, they include vomiting & nausea). The treated group of people in the piece research, who did not receive any relief from the pain of cancer while taking regular meds showed that they have experienced ‘significant reduction’ of the pain level thanks to CBD oil for pain. Also, concerning the treatment of cancer side effects, the trialed group of people, according to one of the pieces of research told that they had better feelings of relief compared to standard chemo medications.


Study of CBD oil for pets

Pets are also treated with CBD oil, as it relieves or excludes such symptoms and ailments:

  • anxiety

  • arthritis

  • back pain

  • gastrointestinal issues

  • nausea

  • seizures

  • stress

  • symptoms of cancer.


Study of CBD oil for inflammation

The same as in the case with pain, inflammations are also effectively treated by CBD oil, as it is revealed in one of the pieces of research. Another study that was made for rats shows that the static nerve pain and inflammations are also reduced. 


Study of CBD oil for anxiety

CBD oil has one of the primary uses for treating anxiety and connected psychic disorders. If you are currently taking any benzodiazepines to treat your anxiety state (or planning to), your doctor may advise you to refrain from their usage based on the fact of addiction to them and many adverse health effects. Replacement of them with CBD oil has proven to be effective either.


Study of CBD oil for sleep

Sleep disorders are treated on an ‘effective’ level by CBD oil, as it is demonstrated by the result of one of the pieces of research. It also has a positive effect on people ailed with Parkinson’s disease. The quality of sleep and life was improved in the group of the tested. 


Study of CBD benefits for ADHD

ADHD is an abbreviation from ‘deficit hyperactivity disorder’. ADHD is sometimes treated by CBD oil, however, the study of 2017 shows the ‘insignificant improvement’ of the ailment, which is practically indistinguishable from a placebo effect. That’s why it is not recommended to treat ADHD with CBD oil.


Study of CBD oil for seizures

There is currently no good medical study evidence that CBD oil helps in the treatment of seizures.


Study of benefits of CBD oil for diabetes

The only way CBD oil affects diabetes is the reduction of the level of bowel and stomach inflammation and the better control of the level of glucose in the level 2 diabetes. 


Study of benefits of CBD oil for autism

There is no currently existing reliable evidence that CBD oil cures or withdraws any autism core symptoms like the hardness of social communication, sensory dysfunction, sclerosis or restricted behavior. But it does treat associated disorders of autism (like anxiety, stress, sleeplessness & epilepsy).